Old Lyle Elementary School Supporters (OLESS)


Chocolate Fest

The Old Lyle Elementary School Supporters (OLESS) are doing a fantastic job of maintaining the 4 classrooms, 2 offices, 200 amp-wired outdoor pavilion, playground, skateboard park, and playing field of the old school, now the Lyle Activity Center on WA Hwy 14 in downtown Lyle. These facilities are available at minimal cost and would make ideal venues for classes, meetings, sports activities, concerts, etc.


2014 Cycle Oregon at Lyle Activity Center

Recent events include the 2015 Chocolate Fest and a morning rest stop for Cycle Oregon 2014, and in 2011 the River People’s Cultural Exchange drew large crowds for traditional tribal songs, dances, and stories. OLESS is very interested in increasing usage of the Activity Center facility to


River Peoples Cultural Exchange

  1. Help groups and organizations carry on their activities at very reasonable fees,
  2. Help bring more activities and interest to the Lyle community,
  3. Help generate funds to support the maintenance and improvement of the Activity Center facilities.
Center map
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Lyle Activity Center is located at the corner of Hwy 14 & Third St in Lyle.
Phone: 509-592-9646.
Email: Lylecommunity@gmail.com
Find more information at http://www.lyleactivitycenter.com/

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