New Pool Feasibility Study for City of White Salmon

WellmanAssoc LogoWellman Associates is working on a Pool Feasibility Study for the City of White Salmon, considering the requirements and costs to repair or replace the current White Salmon Pool. Options being considered include:

  1. Basic Repair of the pool
  2. Basic Repair plus piping, pumps, and filters replacement
  3. The above plus a new pool structure
  4. Building a new pool at another location
  5. A future cover on the new Pool
  6. Other options may be considered as the study progresses

Each option through #4 will increase the initial cost of the facility, but will also decrease the annual operating cost, which is a huge factor in selecting the appropriate course of action. For example, option 1 is the cheapest, but will have to be done every few years or so. Plus the operational cost for heating water, chemicals, water loss and short usage season will add to the burden without providing any benefits.

For more information contact:
Wellman Associates, Consulting Engineers
573 Sunnyside Road, Trout Lake WA 98650
509-395-2737, Fax 509-395-3625
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