Lyle Cherry Orchard Hike

4556513739_777dac3413_z1[1]This relatively short hike through a preserve owned by the Friends of the Columbia Gorge offers spectacular views of the Columbia River Gorge, amazing spring wildflowers, a gnarled old oak forest, and tops out in an old cherry orchard with a few surviving trees.

The hike begins at an unmarked trailhead just east of the tunnels near the town of Lyle with a parking area to the north. The first quarter mile is quite steep, but soon the Columbia River views your attention as you climb through a diverse meadow of spring wildflowers including death camas, grass widow, larkspur, glacier lilies, shooting star, locoweed, balsamroot, and more. You’ll enter a gnarled old Garry oak forest at about 1.5 miles and the remnants of the old cherry orchard at about 2 miles.

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