Joint Pool Committee – 2011

Note: This page is retained on the website solely as historical information.

In spring of 2011 the MAPARD board formed a Joint Pool Committee with Northside Community Education.

The purpose of this committee is to investigate the viability of building a pool within the Mount Adams Park and Recreation District.  The joint pool committee…

  • In 2012 attended a training by USA Swim and has since been following a prescribed set of steps outlined by USA Swim to reach a conclusion regarding viability.
  • Has Completed development of an Enterprise Plan as set forth by USA Swim.
  • As of June 2013, has completed the first phase of a two part feasibility study.  Feasibility Study — Mount Adams Park and Recreation District Aquatic Center Final, REV 3.  The second phase of the study is to be completed by the City of White Salmon in the winter of 2014,15.

Joint Pool Committee members include, among others, Scott Clements, Tom Wooding, Bill Ward, Bill Canessa, Shelly Rawding, and Paul Mosbrucker.

For more background information about competition pool pools read this USA Swim Article

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