2016 Levy Information

The MAPARD Levy Proposition #1 did not pass, but “Thank-you for Your Support”.
Now there’s still need to explore
 other options for:

♥ Vital recreation projects for ALL our communities
♥ Active recreation programs for ALL our citizens
♥ Stability for ALL our youth and adult sports leagues
♥ Active and healthy individuals and communities

2016-2022 MAPARD Levy Budget

A budget is a planning document that reflects intent. As you explore the MAPARD levy budget you’ll see that we intend for a small staff to make a priority of obtaining outside grants, and to use and distribute those funds … Read more →

MAPARD Levy – Open Letter to WSVEF

Dear White Salmon Valley Education Foundation Board and Supporters, As an educator I know that simply having books available for kids doesn’t mean they can access the words and information within.  Teachers go to great lengths to make sure students … Read more →

What Do YOU Want from the MAPARD Levy?

Levy Prop. 1 on the November ballot will allow MAPARD to provide support for existing recreational programs, and to develop new programs requested by the District communities. We’ve had several meetings with community organizations where a long list of potential projects … Read more →